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Welcome to IEEE's Region 5 Annual Conference 2016 (Competition Submission)

Sponsored by IEEE Region 5, IEEE Kansas City Section, and IEEE Standards Education Committee.

IEEE Region 5 is pleased to announce the 2nd annual Standards Development Competitions: The Standards of Tomorrow.  Knowledge of standards helps facilitate the transition from classroom to workplace by aligning educational concepts with real-world applications and market constraints.

The goal of the competition is:
  • To give an opportunity for IEEE Region 5 members to learn more about IEEE standards.
  • To encourage IEEE members to submit written work and have it judged by a professional committee.
  • To increase awareness of the IEEE Standards Education Committee(SEC).  
Expected Outcome:

The expected outcomes for this new completion are:
  • Develop a product or standard that could benefit humanity.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of standards.
  • Develop communications skills to build and maintain a productive relationship with team members and within external entities (e.g. professors, industry).
  • Technical skills to develop a possible future standard.
  • Knowledge to solve problems, develop projects, and seize opportunities whenever they might be found.
  • Entrepreneurial skills.
  • Create the base for a Project Authorization Request (PAR) to be submitted to the Standards Association.
Evaluation Criteria:
  • Topic chosen (20%) – What impact could the idea chosen have on the industry selected?
  • Professional writing (20%) – Including readability, references, figures, tables, language clarity, formatting.
  • Innovation (20%) – – Impact of standards in innovation in that industry?
  • Insight conveyed (20%) – What makes these standards important to this industry?
  • Clarity of claims (20%) – Substantiated and analytical conclusion of the impact of standards.
Important Dates

December 18, 2015: Competition opens.
March 18, 2016: Submission deadline.
Winners will be awarded cash prizes.  Dollar amounts will be announced closer to the competition. Winners will be announced at the IEEE Region 5 Annual Awards Banquet on Saturday, April 9th, 2016. Participants must not be present to be winners, but are highly encouraged to attend.
Questions / Concerns?
For other questions concerning this contest, please contact the Contest Chair, Jeffry Handal, at